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Alonso Pereira

Personal information
In a rigorous process of intense personal research and deep thought, through the use of oil painting technique have created a work in which within a timeless space appear diverse reminiscent forms as the focal point which seek a balance that erases the borderline between the figurative and abstraction, thus this way enveloping and submerging the spectator in an imaginary universe of forms, textures, hues of grays and brow-ochres, signs which have multiple possibilities of interpretation according to each spectator’s personal universe.

2002 - Tutorial in private studio with Painter Guillermo Porras, C.R.
1995 - Tutorial in private with artists Liliana Ramos (National University)
1994 - Courses in Printmaking with artist Giangrandi
1994-1995 - Universidad Nacional (National University), Colombia:
1992-1994 - Universidad Católica (Catholic University), Colombia

Individual expos
2006 - "Old San José" Joaquín García Monge Gallery.
2004 - Theater 1887 Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Costa Rica
2003 - INA, Hacienda Museum

Colective expos
2006 - Valuarte, Costa Rica.
2004 - Melico Salazar Theater, Costa Rica.
2003 - Legislative Assembly, Costa Rica
2002 - Country Club, Costa Rica
1997 - National Exhibit, Colombia Bogota, Colombia
1996 - District Exhibit, Bogota, Colombia National Exhibit, Colombia

2006 - Valuarte - Honor mention.
2003 - Second Prize. Rural Landscape Contest. Guapiles, Costa Rica.

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