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What is is a website dedicated to the exhibition, promotion and sale of contemporary art worldwide. In this website you will be able to appreciate art work of highest level, mostly from of Costa Rican artists.
Our mission is to make the world to know renowned as well as promising Costa Rican artists, offering them the possibility of selling their work through internet. offers a constantly growing collection of unique contemporary art; furthermore, we provide different contents and services related to art, all of them aimed to a selected audience and a market.

How is the art of selected?

The collection of is composed by works carefully selected among Costa Rican artists. Once an artist is selected and his work reviewed, our art specialists and editors will show his work in our website.

How can I become a member of

Just click the "My account" link in the main page or click here to register and follow the instructions.

Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member of is easy and free. You can click here to register. Once your registration is complete you will have access to "My Gallery", where you will be able to keep a record of the works that you like better and you will also have details of your account and your purchase record. Your registration will allow you to receive information about new artists, selections and events in our website.

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